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Bringing a better approach to health and fitness to St. Augustine, FL.

Similar to a traditional open gym, but with so much more. From free weights and an Olympic lifting area to cardio machines and circuit training equipment. We also feature stretch and recovery areas for massage, assisted stretching, and even cryotherapy services!




Brandon Sands is the owner and founder of Better Bodies. With over 15 years of personal training experience and 10 years of rehab experience, Brandon is equipped with the skillset and knowledge to work with an array of clients with all types of different fitness goals and levels.


Brandon is a US Army veteran and served in combat in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (O.I.F.) 06-08 in which he oversaw the physical fitness and wellness of his team. His passion for rehab and fitness began when he was in the army and had to rehab a broken ankle following a parachuting accident. During the time of the injury, he became increasingly out of shape and refers to it as his “humbling experience.”


To enhance his skills as a personal trainer and better understand the anatomy of the body, Brandon attended Keiser University in which he obtained an Associate's of Science as a Physical Therapist Assistant and became a state-licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. He strongly believes in addressing all levels of fitness and recovering properly to maximize optimal performance.


To further assist his clients with recovering properly and staying mobile/flexible for optimal performance, Brandon attended the Stretch To Win Institute in February 2019 to add the credential of Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist to his extensive resume. He is currently the first and only Fascial Stretch Therapy Provider of Saint Augustine, Florida. Brandon is truly dedicated to providing the highest quality of training and recovery services to his clients and looks forward to helping YOU!



  • ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer

  • ISFTA Rehab fitness specialist

  • Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manual Therapist

  • Kinesiology Taping

  • Cupping Practitioner

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