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Welcome to the BETTER BODIES MEAL PREP service!

This is a new take on a service we used to offer! As we work towards making this a permanent service, please have patience with us as we work out all of the kinks associated with a new service!

There is a 4 meal minimum on all orders.

Please have your order submitted by 5 PM on Friday evening.

Orders will be made available for pick-up at the gym on Monday morning after 9 AM.

Have suggestions to make this service even better? Submit your suggestions via the Contact Form below!


All food is processed using properly sanitized equipment, in an environment recognized by the DBPR as a clean and properly established environment. With that in mind, it is necessary to provide a disclaimer that our facility uses products commonly associated with food allergies (i.e., peanut, dairy, egg, shellfish, etc.), so if there are any concerns, please mention them in the space provided when ordering.


Thanks for submitting!

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